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In a certain code GOLD is written as '5124' and LIVE is written as '2983'. How is VOID written in that code ?

In a certain code STORMED IS WRITTEN as 'PUTQCDL'. How is CORNERS Written in that code ?

Among A,B,C,D and E each having different weight, D is heavier than A and C. E is lighter than A. Who is the lighter ?

A _______________ is approximately one billion bytes

Computer gater data, which means that they allow users to __________ data


this is prepared by me. with the hope that the question may come to the clerk exam. All the question are expected to come in the IBPS exam. i hope you may like this papers. I used some some books to prepared this question papers. In the bank examination quanititive papers is important papers. so prepared this question papers to keeps my minds to the latest syllabus.




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