Panorama Vocabulary Quiz 1 Online Test

The students could not turn in a copy of their work. They had to turn in the _______________to get a grade.

Some of the people in the jungles of South America are _____________from the outside world.

When people race in the Iditarod, they have to ________________their dogs to get them through the harsh environment.

The Opossum is usually a slow animal and is not very attractive. However, it is the only animal in North America that carries it’s young in a__________________.

Many years ago in California and Oregon, people could be seen looking for gold in the rivers and mountains. Today it is ____________to see gold hunters, or prospectors in the rivers and mountains of the West.

When the students first arrived, they had a hard time ____________to the new school, but after a few months, everything was all right.

The winters in the Dakotas are _______________and long

The Inuit had a different _____________of art.

They were not able to finish the project, because they did not have enough____________.

It was hard for the people to ___________________only on bread and water for so many days.

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Language Level: Low Intermediate
Language Skill: Reading, Vocabulary

Panorama Vocabulary Quiz 1 is based on Oxford's Panorama Book 2, Unit 1. Students can either use the quiz to test their knowledge on the reading passage in the book, or use the quiz to learn vocabulary.
Below is a list of the vocabulary tested.

pouch original supplies harsh exist
adapting concept isolated depend on rare


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