'MahaVad' –The Way of Better Living Online Test

Do you think only true spiritual knowledge including with self-development program based on true-spiritualism would be helpful for true self-development?
Yes, I thing so.
No, I do not think so.
True spiritualism is a fake spiritualism.
True self-development is an imaginary thing.
What is MahaVad?
‘MahaVad’ is the true spiritualism of the new age.
‘MahaVad’ is the teaching of true Self-Development.
‘MahaVad’ is the way of Better Living.
‘MahaVad’ is the Great Doctrine of MahaAnand (MahaManas).
‘MahaVad’ is the new religious doctrine of the new age.
All are right answers.
What is True Spiritualism?
That is true Spiritualism which makes us knowledgeable about our right state and staying.
That is true Spiritualism which drives away all our ignorance about us and the world.
That is true Spiritualism which makes us known about the Cosmos and the Cosmic Mind, and makes us conscious about the Goal of our Life and Cosmic Life.
That is true Spiritualism which unveils the mystery of creation.
That is true Spiritualism which shows the way of true Self-development.
All are right answers.
What is Better Living?
True Knowledge full living with the art of living is Better Living.
Consciously living with self-developing is Better Living.
Consciously being proceeded towards the Goal of life is Better Living.
Living with joy by acquiring the knowledge is Better Living.
All are right answers.
What is true self-development?
Development of one’s self-power, self-knowledge and self-consciousness is true self-development.
Acquiring the skill of management to get success in one’s life is true self-development.
Behavioral and intellectual improvement is true self-development.
Acquiring and improving the power of mastery is true self-development.

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‘MahaVad’ –the true-Spiritualism and true self-development program based on true spiritual doctrine taught by MahaAnand (MahaManas). To know about it, you can search through Yahoo and Google.


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