iit jee highest level test number 2

a particle is thrown in mid air making some angle with the horizontal. At its highest point the particle accelerates. We conclude that under the effect of this acceleration

consider a hypothetical world where everything is a particle. These particles are at random motion with respect to each other.If a particle 'A' moves with a relative velocity 'V1' with respect to another particle 'B' , then which equation of motion will be most appropriate to use to find which of the particles among 'A' and 'B' is actually moving?

let average velocity be v , displacement be ds, time interval be dt. We know the relation that v= ds/dt. You use this equation at the end of a long journey to find the velocity of your car during this journey to be 30 KM/hr . Let us now introduce a limit as - v= lim ds/dt.

dt tends to 0

By measuring the velocity of the whole journey with this equation we get ,the velocity would be

a ball is seen to be at rest as time elapses. We can conclude that

a person measures the resultant force on a body to be F Newton. It is concluded that

consider a particle of mass = m Kg being observed from a frame of reference S' during a time interval T. In time T the pseudo force on that particle is found to be zero. We conclude

consider an inclined plane fixed in a movable lift. A rectangular block of mass 'M' Kg is held at the topmost point of the plane and is released from there at an instant of time say T. At the same instant the cable supporting the lift is broken. Then , we conclude that


this test is again a totally concept based test and i have made sure to try to put in my best effort to make it very tough i invite everybody to attempt it and rate it please because otherwise i won't be able to judge myself and i strongly belive that everyone will not just love it but enjoy it as well so go ahead guys enjoy



ek to question me option sare sahi lag rahe hain upar se answer galat hai ye koi tareeka hai kabhi iit ka paper dekha hai?

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