Human Reproductive System Online Test

1. The number of testis in male reproductive system are:

The term "Menarche" (female reproductive system) is explained as:

Skene's gland (female prostate gland) has a major role in:

At which stage the term ''Fetus'' is used for the human embryo:

Which of the following is not a component of human placental structure:

The normal duration of menstruation cycle is 28 Days. But if it is supposed to be of 21 Days then at which day Ovulation Occured?


This is a MCQs based test. And test is about the human reproductive system, the harmonal role in the reproductive system, anatomy and physiology of reproductive organs(of both males and females).
So Hold your heart and try yourself and EXPLORE how much you know!!!
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how born the twice baby please explain it

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