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H2O is dipolar, whereas BeF2 is not. It is because:
the electro negativity of F is greater than that of O
H2O involves hydrogen bonding whereas BeF2 is a discrete molecule
H2O is linear and BeF2 is angular
H2O is angular and BeF2 is linear
Which of the following diatomic molecules would be stabilized by the removal of an electron?
O2 molecule is paramagnetic due to presence of:
two unpaired electrons in antibonding MO
one unpaired electron in antibonding MO
two unpaired electrons in bonding MO
one unpaired electron in bonding MO
Arrange the following compounds in increasing dipole moment : toluene (I), m-chlorobenzene (II), o-dichlorobenzene (III), p-dichlorobenzene (IV):
I IV IV IV When N+2 is formed from N2 bond-order ...... and when O+2 is formed from O2 bond-order.....:
increases, decreases
decreases, increases
Among the following species, identify the is structural pairs: NF3, NO-3, BF3, H3O+, HN3
[NF3, NO-3] and [BF3, H3O+]
[NF3, HN3] and [NO-3, BF3]
[NF3, H3O+] and [NO-3, BF3]
[NF3, H3O+] and [HN3, BF3]
Which of the following statements is correct for CsBr3?
It is covalent compound
It contains Cs3+ and Br-
It contains Cs+ and Br-3
It contains Cs+, Br- and lattice Br2 molecule
MgSO4 is soluble while BaSO4 is insoluble in H2O. This is because:
lattice energy of BaSO4 is greater than MgSO4
BaSO4 is more covalent than MgSO4
hydration energy of Mg2+ is greater than Ba2+
lattice energy of MgSO4 is greater than BaSO4
The formal charge of the O atoms .. .. in the ion [:O = N = O:]+ is:
In which of the following molecules would you expect the nitrogen-to-nitrogen bond to be the shortest?
Select correct statement:
Melting point of SrF2 is higher than that of PbF2 because Sr-F bond is more ionic than the Pb-F one
SrF2 and PbF2 have same melting point because the radii of Pb2+ and Sr2+ are very close
Both the insoluble in H2O
Both are soluble in H2O
Number of water molecules directly attached to one water molecule is:
Which structure appears wrong?
+ + H – N – N = N2-
F ( ( B = F F
( ( CH2 – CH = C1
A set of inner d-complex is:
[Fe(CN)6]4-, [Ni(CN)4]2-, [Pt(en)2]2+
[Fe(H2O)6]3+,[CoF6]3- , [Cr(CN)6]3-
Both (a) and (b)
none of the above
Which are non-polar molecules? I: NC13; II: SO3; III: PC15
I only
II only
I and II only
II and III only
Which combination will give the strongest ionic bond?
Ca2+, O2-
Ca2+, C1-
K+, O2-
K+, C1-
Select correct statement:
BF3 and NH3 have same dipole
Dipole moment of NH3 is smaller than that of BF3
BF3 molecule has a planar structure, while the NH2 molecule is pyramidal
The nitrogen atom has unshared pair of electrons, while the boron atom has a free (vacant) valence orbital.
Ratio of ( and ( bonds is maximum in:
tetracyano methane
enolic form of urea
In which pair or pairs is the stronger bond found in the first species? I: O2-2, O2; II: N2, N+2 III: NO+, NO-
I only
II only
I and III only
II and III only
OF and F2 can be compared in terms of:
OF is paramagnetic while F2 is diamagnetic
OF is more stable towards dissociation into atoms
both are correct
none is correct
What hybrid orbitals are employed by carbon atoms 1, 2 and 3, respectively as labeled in the compound shown?
sp3, sp, sp
sp3, sp2, sp
sp3, sp, sp2
sp3, sp2, sp2
The Nitrogen atoms in NH3, NH-2 and NH+4 are all surrounded by eight electrons. When these species are arranged in increasing order of H-N-H bond angle, correct order is:
NH3, NH-2, NH+4
NH+4+, NH-2, NH3
NH3, NH+4, NH22
NH-2, NH3, NH+4
Electron pairs occupy localized orbitals. Their orbital’s are oriented in such a way that the repulsion between electron clouds becomes:
A molecule of the type AX5 has square pyramidal geometry. Hence, number of lone pairs on A is:
Coordinate covalent bond is absent in:
adduct of NH3 and BH3
The maximum convalency is equal to the number of:
Paired p-electrons
Unpaired s-electrons
Unpaired s- and p-electrons
s- and p-electrons in the valence shell
Elements A, B and C have respectively 1, 3 and 5 electrons in valence shell. Ionic compound is not formed from:
A and C
A and B
B and B
B and C
Which combinations of the compounds with their magnetic moments are correct?
K3Mn(C2O4)3 . 3H2O ( = 4.90 BM
K3Fe(C2O4)3 . 3H2O ( = 5.92 BM
Ni(CO)4 ( = 0.00 BM
[Ni(CN)4]2- ( = 0.00 BM
In terms of polar character, which one of the following order is correct?
NH3 < H2O < HF < H2S
H2S < NH3 < H2O < HF
H2O < NH3 < H2S < HF
HF < H2O < NH3 < H2S
Among the following species, identify the isostructural pairs: NF3, NO-3, BF3, H3O+, HN3
[NF3, NO-3] and [BF3, H3O+]
[NF3, HN3] and [NO-3, BF3]
[NF3, H3O+] and [NO-3, BF3]
[NF3, H3O+] and [HN3, BF3]

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