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"Empire of Freedom" by James W. Robinsin, Richard L. Lesher is a book on

"Towards a New Frontier" by Tripathi, Dwijendra and Priti Misra is a book on

"Flying High" by Eugene Rogers is a book on

"The Real Thing" by Constance Hays is a book on

"From Worst to First" by Gordon Bethune, Scott Huler is a book on

"Inside the Magic Kingdom" by Thomas K. Connellan is a book on

""Consiracy of Fools" by Kurt Einchenwald is a book on

"The World on Time" by James C. Wetherbe is a book on

"At Any Cost" by Thomas F. O'Boyle

"Collision Course" by Micheline Maynard is a book on

"Cutting Edge" by Gordon McKibben is a book on

"Changing by Design" by Deone Zell is a book on

"Saving Big Blue" by Robert Slater is a book on

"Creating The Digital Future" by Albert Yu is a book on

"Just Do It" by Donald R. Katz is a book on

"Ashes to Ashes" by Richard Kluger is a book on

"Against All Odds" by Yukiyasu Togo, William Wartman is a book on

:In Sam We Trust" by Bob Ortega is a book on

"Master of the Game" by Connie Bruck is a book on

"OutLaw Machine " by Brock W. Yates is a book on


In today's world many types of companies are seen and have importance in their work field. That depends upon what the company is making maybe a FMCG product or maybe the company is in aviation. The global companies have books on them that can be written by anyone who might be a part of the company or a famous writer. In this quiz you have to tell that a specific book is written on which company.


Books  Companies

Aakarsh Dalmia
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