IELTS preparation. 'The' definite article Online Test

_ _ _ teacher should not discriminate against students of a particular race or gender

_ _ _ sterling rose against _ _ _ dollar today

_ _ _ meeting with be held at 2pm to discuss _ _ _ proposals by _ _ _ vice president Adrian Johnson to delay _ _ _ launch of _ _ _ new models until _ _ _ Spring Fair in _ _ _ UAE. This will allow us to implement the improvements recommended by _ _ _ R&D department in _ _ _ July.

We do not use 'the' for most names but there are exceptions for republics and states and a few other exceptions. Test your knowledge of the tricky ones.

1 Czech Republic 2 Saint Catherine 3 Atlantic Ocean 4 France 5 United Kingdom 6 Tasmania 7 Canaries 8 Panama Canal 9 Canada 10 Mount Etna

Now check your knowledge of the rules.

We do not use 'the' with the names of most city streets/roads/parks or squares.

Most buildings have names with 'the'

Most newspapers do not use 'the' in the banner


When marking IELTS written practice papers missing or over use of 'the' definite article is a common occurance. This test is designed to check your understanding and encourage further study if needed.
We us it if there is only one of something.
We use it when we all know the thing we are talking about.
We do not use it when talking about the general idea of something.
We do use it when talking about a type of animal or machine or currencies.

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