IIT JEE highest level test

the concept of potential is associated with both gravitational and electric fields because

the phenomenon of electrical induction is possible due to

one positively charged metal ball and one negatively charged metal ball of same nature and same size are presented in a perfectly non conducting atmosphere and are held fixed close to each other. What will the two balls try to do as soon as they are given their respective charges

a simple pendulum is constructed by suspending a metal ball from a ceiling by tieing it with a light inextensible string. It is now set into oscillation. As soon as it is set into oscillation it is placed above a floorwhich is positively charged , in a perfectly conducting atmosphere. Now as time passes the time period T ofof the pendulum is noted very accurately. It is found that T

in a capacitor the charge on the capacitor is of positive nature and one of the plates is earthed. What will be the nature of the charge on the facing end of the earthed plate

consider the two plates of a capacitor. They are connected to the two terminals of a battery. However, the positive plate is larger in size than the negative plate which is now earthed through a wire. Now consider a plane surface through which that wire passes. Now this plane surface is rotated anticlockwise along its axis i.e. along the wire that passes through it. We observe that


this test is the 2nd part of this series and the rules are the same i invite everyone to attempt this test and enjoy physics this test is fully created by me and i think that student and teacher will be satisfied by solving these conceptual question i also request candidates attempting this test to rate and comment otherwise i won't get my share of satisfaction



enjoyed it . physics is more than just plane analysis but a field of indepth but simple thinking. ThanKs for this test.

3885 days 17 hours 39 minutes ago

panangipalli kashyap

fabulous test

3896 days 19 hours 33 minutes ago


highly conceptual

3897 days 15 hours 27 minutes ago


hey sharon awesome test..really kool..but i wanna write more test lyk it..wud u mind giv'in soln nxt time...plz

3897 days 19 hours 16 minutes ago

shayon banerjee
preparing for iit jee
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