iit jee highest level test

a body of mass=M KG is released with the same velocity =v m/s on two horizontal roads made of steel and gold now let velocity of the block after 5 seconds be vA when it is going on the path made by steel and vB when it is going on the path made of gold so what is the relation between vA and vB

a boy is sitting inside a train of mass=m kg which is going with a speed ofv m/s on a track which is a circle. The boy throws a ball and the direction of projection of the ball makes an angle of theta with the horizontal. What is the net acceleration of the ballwhen it is at a height =half of its maximum height attained when it is viewed by an observer sitting in a car going with a velocity of u m/s towards north here let r= radius of circular track

a body of mass m kg is moving along the x axis with a uniform velocity = u m/s. It explodes into 2 fragments of masses m/3 and 2m/3. The fragment of mass m/3 moves with a velocity u1 m/s and that of 2m/3 moves with a velocity=v m/s. What is the impulse imparted to the whole system

a body is observed during a time t. In t time the internal energy of the body remains constant although its total energy increases. So how much does its temperature increase in this time interval

a body A is in thermal eqilibrium with a body B again B is in thermal eqilibrium with another body C. Now A is heated and kept in contact with C now will A and C be in thermal eqilibrium


this is such a test in which top level conceptual questons are set this is the highest level test ever in this test the the questions are very tough and fully created by me these questions are unconventional ones that reqire high level thinking so go ahead i



gud test but mostly based on mechanics and heat and thermodynamics system...do u hav ne more test lyk dis...watz da solution of 3rd qusteion plz rply..

3975 days 20 hours 43 minutes ago

krunal bharkar

good test..

3976 days 13 hours 42 minutes ago

shayon banerjee

great test na

3978 days 7 hours 49 minutes ago

shayon banerjee
preparing for iit jee
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