Test on CPT Accounts

Rent paid to partner is

Fixed Capital is Credited with

Fundamental Accounting assumptions are

Small expenses are clubbed togather under Sundry or Miscellaneous Expenses due to

The basic concepts related to balance sheet are

The basic concepts related to Profit & loss account are

Disclosure of Accounting Policies

Accounting standards make the financial statements of different business units or the financial statements of the same business unit

Gross book value of a fixed asset is its

Which of the following bodies is represented in ASB ?

Which does not from part of divisible Profits ?

Maximum Interest rate applicable for calls in arrears is

Following account has Credit balance

Cheque received from debtor not deposited into bank will be entered in

Bad Debts received is credited to


Test understanding on CPT Accounts and will help to improve your skills while attempting question at the main exams. This is just a model paper fpr CA-CPT Students who will be appearing for their CA-CPT exams. This test is based on all the topics of accounts for CA-Cpt and consist of 20 MCQ's.


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