CA CPT Economics test-Chp 5 Unit 2

The industrial production has grown at an annual average rate of ____ during the planning period.

Small scale sector contributes nearly_______________ of the manufacturing exports in India

As compared to the targeted growth rate of 8.2% per annum in industrial production, The actual growth rate was ________% per annum during the ninth plan

The value added by the industrial sector in the GDP (2007-08) is

Industrial sector contributes …………. %

Number of registered and unregistered SSI was around __________ in 1950

No. of unregistered and registered SSI (Small Scale Industries) was about …………. In 2006-07

For 2002 – 07 the Targeted rate of growth of industrial product was.

In which plan phase of industrial was initiated?

An Industry is called sick when


This is the test for CA-CPT economics Chapter 5 unit 2 Industrial Sector. It will enhance your ability to get knowledge about growth & development in Industrial(secondary) sectror in India.
It will help you to clear your doubts regarding data, year of development, developmental progress etc.


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