Critical Reasoning 4 Online Test

Shruti: Neha would not make an effective teacher. She is too lenient to fail students and too critical to reward any student with good marks.

An assumption central to the argument above is that

During winters, Brandy sales in the hilly regions of Uttrakhand are high. Brandy is selling well in the hilly regions of Uttrakhand today, so it must be winter.

Which of the following is logically most similar to the argument above?

Atul: This shoe is costly to make. We should switch to a less costly brand of leather for this product.

Shreya: But the shoe sells so well because of its tenacity. No other material performs as well. We should stick with what we know we can sell.

The speakers above disagree over which one of the following issues?

Rahul: When Rohit was passed over for promotion, people said that the deciding factor was his being much older than the others who were in line for promotion. But this is certainly not the case. Many people older than Rohit have been recently promoted.

Rahul’s argument is most vulnerable to criticism because it fails to consider the possibility that

Nagendra: It is immoral to do anything that causes harm to others. But, since using force causes harm to another person, it is also immoral to threaten to use force, even when such a threat is made in self-defence.

Which of the following principles, if valid, would most help to justify Nagendra’s reasoning?

There is a high likelihood that Krishnan is a Hindustani Classical singer. Like most Hindustani Classical singers, Krishnan recognizes many of Pandit Kumar Gandharva’s works. The vast majority of people who are not Hindustani Classical singers do not. In fact, many people who are not Hindustani Classical singers have not even heard of Pandit Kumar Gandharva.

The reasoning in the above argument is flawed because

Nagendra: Research shows that when horses are castrated in early foalhood, their leg bones usually do not develop properly which, in turn, leads to the horses developing arthritis as they grow older. Thus, if a horse has to be protected from arthritis it should never be castrated until it is full-grown.

Which of the following is a criticism to which Nagendra’s argument is most vulnerable?

Atul: Since compassion is essential for people to be willing to follow moral codes that sometimes require them to ignore their own welfare to help others, civilized society could not exist without compassion.

Which of the following is an assumption required by the argument?

Illusions refer to propositions or set of propositions people judge to be true that in actuality are false. From this point of view, illusions are always intellectual and inadvertent. Being blind to accuracy, we unwittingly give illusions the status of truth and bestow on illusions all the respect and honor accorded to truth and honesty. It is hard to unravel an illusion because the illusion is assumed to be true.

The above passage could be used to strengthen which of the following arguments?

Many religious people as well have committed atrocities and similarly are to be found lacking in the realm of morality and ethics. Religion can only do so much to establish morality, there comes a point when inner strength, conscience or whatever else there is special about humans must provide for the rest of a person’s moral development.

The above passage could be used to strengthen which of the following arguments?

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