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Which of these tense will you use

Father _______________ to work everyday

Which of these are common nouns

Where can mother buy vegetables

Which of these are homes of horse

Which of these is a proper noun

Which of these is present continous

Which of these is a suitable action word

Which of these is not an action word

Which of these words mean wise

What was the colour of king Paari

Where is the teacher

Which of these is sound by a dog

Where did Little Red set with her basket

The monkey _________ the tree

A group of people is called ____________

Find the preposition in the given sentences

He jumped over the walll

Find the noun in the sentence

I like to ride my tricycle

The plant is __________ the table

The simple past tense of fly is ________

Which of these means brave

The meaning of the word zoomed is

The king ________ had a large army

The frog was ____________ flies always

What did king Paari see on the road

The meaning of theives is

A person without money, food or cloth

lived two streets away

Name of Little Red's mother

When you answer on phone

When you meet on 1st january

when your sister wins the competition

meet friend in the park

On a christmas day

___________ is wearing a pretty frock

The ________________ are flying in the breeze

Those pictures are _________

This is my _____________ scooter

This is _____________ school

The big clock struck two

big :__________

The big clock struck

struck :_________

A snake ______ (SISH)

A _________( IOLN) roars

A ______ goes bow-wow


The fat clowns in the circus looked funny

fat :___________

The cat ran over the table

Over :

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