Amplitude Modulation Online Test

12 signals each band-limited to 5 kHz are to be transmitted over a single channel by frequency division multiplexing . If AM-SSB modulation guardband of 1 kHz is used, then the band width of the multiplexed signal will be
131 kHz
81 kHz
121 kHz
71 kHz
An AM broadcast station operates at its maximumallowed total output of 100 kW with 90% modulation. The power in the intelligence part is
28.8 kW
71.2 kW
35.6 kW
A super heterodyne receiver uses an IF frequencyof 455 kHz. The receiver is tuned to a transmitter having a carrier frequency of 2400 kHz. High-side tuning is to be used. The image frequency will be
2855 kHz
3310 kHz
1945 kHz
1490 kHz
A super heterodyne receiver is to operate in the frequency range of 550 kHz – 1650 kHz, with the intermediate frequency of 450 kHz. The receiver is tuned to 700 kHz. The capacitance ratio RC (C max /C min ) of the local oscillator would be
A 20 kW carrier is sinusoidally modulated by two carriers corresponding to a modulation index of 30 % and 40 % respectively. The total radiated power is
25 kW
22.5 kW
30 kW
35 kW


Objective questions with four options.Each question has only one correct answer.


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