Kohlberg's Six Levels of Moral Development Online Test

Kohlberg used a method of observation based on asking the subjects to analyze the "Heinz Dilemma." In his study, he was primarily interested in:

How many levels are there in Kohlberg's theory?

How many stages are there in Kohlberg's theory?

Which French psychologist most heavily influenced Kohlberg?

If someone makes moral decisions based on universal principles of justice, acting in an impartial manner to everyone involved, we would class him / her as

The subject says: "He shouldn't do it because it is wrong and people will get mad he will get punished."

The subject says, "Heinz was doing it for the right reasons. He loved his wife and wanted to take care of her. That is the most important thing a husband can do."

The subject says: "Heinz probably thinks he is right but the druggist thinks he is right too. Heinz should do it but he should do it late at night so he probably won't get caught."

Kohlberg's results were called into question by Carol Gilligan because:

Social Contract Theory, as espoused by Locke and others, suggests that people agree to law as a way to keep order. Which stage would that most closely reflect Locke's theory?


Practice test based on the lecture in class. You will find the Power Point on Edmodo. You should also consult the notes that the groups have posted. You may take this test as often as you like. Be sure to Follow me if you want class credit. This test covers the idea of conscience development being a process of psychological and social development.


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did anyone else get confused by 5-8? i thought we were supposed to show what level the questions were referring to not the stage...oops

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