Common Entrance Test for Admission to PG Courses - Biochemistry

The pH - value of a mixture of l00 ml of 0.1 N-acetic acid (of pKa = 4.7) and 100 ml of 0.1 N sodium acetate is

Larger molecules are eluted out earlier than smaller molecules in

The absorbance of a solution exhibiting 50% transmittance is

The "D" in D-fructose indicates

Which of the following is not used as a criterion for the identification of an osazone?

Similarity between Methionine and Lysine is that both are

Which of the following is a nucleoside?

The two strands of DNA are interconnected by

In presence of a non—competitive inhibitor, the maximal velocity (Vmax) of an enzyme catalysed reaction is-

The nitrogenous base found as a building block of lecithin is

Phosphofructokinase is allosterically inhibited by

The vitamin whose coenzyme form is required for carboxylation reactions is –

An enzyme which participates in both glycogenesis and glycogenolysis is





Which of the following cannot be formed from acetyl CoA in a single step?

An amino acid which is not an intermediate in Krebs’ urea cycle is

Which of the following is a hypoglycemic hormone?

The minimum number of nucleotide—residues required on an m-RNA to code for a polypeptide of 90 amino acid residues is .

Non-cyclic photophosphorylation produces all of the following except


Students preparing for the entrance examinations of PG in Biochemistry will find this test very helpful. The questions are solved and supported with relevant explanations. This will also benefit the students preparing for GATE, CSIR, UGC. To view the complete set of questions as downloadable PDFs please visit my website



senyawa logam, tetapi merupakan paduan. Logam dan paduannya merupakan bahan Besi : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 2,5%, tidak dapat ditempa.
a. Baja : kadar karbon kurang dari 1,7%, dapat ditempa.

2165 days 13 hours 21 minutes ago


teknik yang penting, dipakai untuk konstruksi mesin, kendaraan, jembatan, bangunan, dan Besi kasar : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 3,5%, tidak dapat ditempa.

2165 days 13 hours 24 minutes ago


the answer for 12th question should be biotin not thiamine

2252 days 17 hours 31 minutes ago


how to calculate Ph value of 100 ml of 0.1n of acetic acid and 0.1n sodium acetate

3041 days 4 hours 39 minutes ago

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