Digital Photography Course Test

Including horizontal elements to your photos such as horizons adds a sense of serenity to your photos.

Including vertical elements such as trees to your photos adds a sense of weakness to the photo.

Placing the subject of you of your photo in the golden triangle makes the photo aesthetically pleasing.

Placing roads diagonally across your photo gives it a sense of dynamic action.

The photography rule of thirds states that the subject of your photo should be placed in the middle of your photo.


The Digital Photography Course uses real photographs and clear explanations to teach you the main principles of picture composition so that you can upgrade your digital camera photography skills regardless of whether you want to create an extra source of passive income by selling stock photos online or you just take better pictures for fun.

Topics Covered in Digital Photography Course to Sell Stock Photos Online include:
1. The Photography Rule of Thirds
2. The Diagonal Section Rule
3. The Golden Section Rules
4. The Golden Triangle Rule
5. Vertical Lines
6. Horizontal Lines
7. Curved Lines
8. Radiating Lines
9. Framing Photos
10. Breaking Photography Rules Successfully

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