Modern Home Decor Course Test

Lavender is a perfect color for a spa home decor theme.

Pink is a perfrect color for a romantic home decor theme.

The paisley is a perfect pattern for an Indian home decor theme.

Ecru is a perfect color for a French home decor theme.

Doves are perfect shapes for a Christian home decor theme.

Leather is a perfect material for a chocolate home decor theme.

Coral is a perfect material for a Caribbean home decor theme.

Turquoise is a perfect color for an Asian home decor theme.

Kente cloth is a perfect material for an African American home decor theme.

Zebra stripes are perfect pattern for an African home decor theme.


The Modern Home Interior Decor Course uses clear explanations and beautiful interior decor pictures to teach you how to decorate by creating authentic modern home decor themes.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
1. Decorate with a Spa home decor theme
2. Decorate with a Romantic home decor theme
3. Decorate with an Indian home decor theme
4. Decorate with a French home decor theme
5. Decorate with a Caribbean home decor theme
6. Decorate with an Asian home decor theme
7. Decorate with an African American home decor theme
8. Decorate with an African home decor theme
9. Decorate with a Christian home decor theme
10. Decorate with a Chocolate home decor theme
11. Utilize the 5 key ingredients of modern home decor themes
12. Make you home decor theme five dimensional.

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