Christian Stress Management Course Test

Positive events such as the birth of a new baby can be a source of stress.

Moderate doses of short term stress can help you think more creatively and perform more efficiently.

Eustress is good stress.

Regardless of whether the source of stress is physical or mental, personal or social, real or imaginary, the human body responds in a uniform manner.

iPoor concentration, difficulties making simple decisions, forgetfulness and mental exhaustion are symptoms of stress.

Doubt will hinder your prayers to resolve your stressful situation from being answered.

Abdominal breathing is one of the fastest ways to counter act the body’s stress response.


This test is to help you determine if you have grasped the Biblical principles and medical techniques taught in the Christian Stress Management Course.

By the end of the course participants should be able to:
1. Define stress
2. Explain how the body responds to stress
4. Describe the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress
5. Know how to manage stress effectively by applying 7 Biblical principles
6. Know how to manage stress effectively by using 7 medical relaxation techniques
7. Know how to stop worrying
8. Know how to fight fear


Beschi Antony D

Good one, some more questions can be added, i have attended a stress management seminar, It was really good, i could recap that with your test.


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Dr Miriam K
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