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There aren't _______ students in the class today.

There isn't very ______ tea left in the tea pot.

She doen't like too ______ meat in the sauce.

I don't know ______ about English but I am learning fast.

How ______ people do you know in your building?

We don't stock these. We don't get too ______ demand for them.

There are too______ paintings to see in one visit.

How _____ time do we have to finish this job?

I called you ______ times but you didn't answer.

There haven't been _____ sunny days.

I don't see _____ point in continuing. We're all very tired.


Both ‘much’ and ‘many’ are determiners, and have the same or similar definition. They mean ‘a lot of’, or ‘in great quantities’, or ‘a great amount’. They may mean the same, but their usage differs.

If a noun is an uncountable noun (which is often in singular form), the ‘much’ determiner should be used.

On the other hand, the determiner ‘many’ should be used with countable nouns, or plural nouns.



thanks for the test it is good for me to improve my basics

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