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Comparative form of worried.

Superlative form of normal.

Comparative form of sad.

Superlative form of sunny.

Coparative form of recent.

Superlative form of bad.

Coparative and superlative forms of Available.

Comparative and superlative form of shady.

Comparative and superlative forms of patient.

Coparative and superlative form of repulsive.

Comparative and superlative forms of clumsy.


Recognizing the comparative and superlative forms of ADJECTIVES.
The reason why English has two different sets of comparative and superlative forms is historical. Adjective of native English origin usually form their comparative and superlative forms with -er and -est endings.Adjectives borrowed from French usually their comparative and superlative forms with more and most.Adjectives of English origin tend to be one and two syllable words. Adjectives of French origin tend to be polysyllabic, that is two, three, and even four syllables.




rinki bisht

nice but make more harder, like yu can add superlative and comparative form of lay and fly

3965 days 9 hours 15 minutes ago

Naychi M

I am new to WizIQ and does anyone know how to edit the test that has been published already? I need to correct the spelling for a few words. Note: It is comparative not coparative.

3972 days 13 hours 38 minutes ago

Naychi M

A small number of adjectives, however, are irregular and some of these can be regular or irregular.

For example: good better the best ( irregular) , far further furthest ( irregular ), far farther farthest ( regular), well better the best ( irregular), old ( general use) older oldest ( regular), old ( people in a family ) elder eldest. See more

3972 days 14 hours 10 minutes ago

Naychi M
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