Rizq Factory: Fiqh of Siyam, Zakah, Hajj, Oaths & Sacrifices Online Test

The poor person will enter Jannah before the rich by how many years?

You can give Zakah in advance

How are you punished in this dunya for not paying Zakah?

Zakah is not obligatory on:

Do you pay Zakah on your house?

Who cannot get your Zakah?

No one will die until what 2 things are fulfilled:

Which 2 things will come & intercede for you on the Day of Judgement?

Who said the following statement: “ I have never fought with anything more difficultly than with my own intention”.

On Yawm al-Qiyamah each person will be given a shade according to their:

Nisab of silver during the prophetic era was 200 dinars.

What are 2 of the 4 conditions a Zakah worker must have?

Which companion highly recommended pregnant women to pay Zakat al-fitr on behalf of their unborn child?

Which of the following religions has no concept of fasting?

Which scholar said the following statement; “Fasting is of 3 types: the soul fasting & that is to know life is short, the mind fasting and that is to stay away from desires and the limbs fasting and that is to not eat, drink or have relations”

Fasting was obligated in Sha`ban 2 AH, but went through how many different stages?

Receiving a vaccination and/or asthma inhaler will break one's fast

The Prophet (SAW) saw which prophet leaning on the Baytal- Ma`mur?

Your Uncle was determined not to pay Zakah, now that he's passed away, you should:

You can give your Zakah to family, if:

Regarding Sawm Wisaal:

I'tikaaf can be done:

If a woman lives in Makkah, she can perform Hajj on her own without Mahram

To do Hajj/Umrah, one must have entered into the state of ihram before passing the Miqat, what is the wisdom behind this ?

Which of the following is a recommended act to do before Ihram?

Which of the two mountains is closer to the Ka'bah?

To complete the Sa`y, one must do 7 circuits between Safa & Marwah. Which mountain does one need to begin the circuit from?

It is sunnah to pray 2 rak'ahs behind Maqam Ibrahim, what are the 2 surahs that are highly recommended to recited in these rakahs?

There are 3 types of Hajj, which one consists of Umrah & Hajj with a break between the two?

At what stage does one shave/trim the hair?

In regards to shaving the head, one that completely shaves the head would have 4 times the reward than one that trims the hair

On what day of Dul-hijjah does one enter into Ihram for Hajj?

Everything that hears your Talbiyah will come and intercede for you on Day of Judgment

Which of the following is in the correct order of the nearest location to Haram area?

When is the best time to stand in Arafah & make du'aa during hajj?

After one comes out of the stoning on the 10th Dhul-Hijjah, they are now in a lesser state of Ihram and can do everything including Marrital relations.

What year was the Jamarah bridge originally constructed and how many levels does it currently have?

There are 5 Miqat Makani, which one does not get used anymore due to the du'aa of the Prophet (SAW)?

Which of the Miqat Makani is used by people coming from Madinah?

Who should you give Zakaat al-Fitr to?

In regards to fasting whilst travelling, which scholar made the following statement; “Better not to fast as Allah has given you a concession”?

Which of the following is an obligatory fast?

Which of the Prophet's (saw) wives died in the month of Ramadhan?

There are 3 types of people when it comes to fasting. What is the fasting of the Super-Elite?


Practice multiple choice & true/false questions, based on content from the AlMaghrib seminar 'Rizq Factory: Fiqh of Siyam, Zakah, Hajj, Oaths & Sacrifices' taught by Shaykh Ahsan Hanif in London, July 2011.

All questions here are compiled by QShams students.


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