Check your grammar-2 Online Test

1. I would rather watch a movie than do nothing

2. To love is pleasant.

3. He rescued the drowning man.

4. Jim was wearing coloured glasses

5. She has bought a dancing doll.

6. Laughing is the best exercise.

7. Will you help me lift this box?

8. My mother has one grown up boy.

9. She is a working woman.

10. Growing plants is her favourite pass time.


this test is based on non-finite verbs in which your ability to identify the type of non-finite verbs in the given sentences is being tested. This simple test has been created for those students who learn grammar for the competitive exams. Non finite verbs has three types basically , so let's check out how good you are at grammar.



Hi, Bhanu

You can see that..I am very weak in grammar. Please assist me with this.
Give me a piece of advice, How to improve my English

2694 days 14 hours 47 minutes ago


I am used with grammar therefore I did it not so bad.
I could do better.

Please be aware of the type of word - ended in ing or in ed - and its position as an adjective and than you can't confuse the gerund with particle.

1.dancing girl - here dancing is a particle;= the verb is near by a noon and has the role of the adjecSee more

3813 days 4 hours 2 minutes ago


bt very hard for me...........

i just hate eng. grammer...

3814 days 12 hours 45 minutes ago

Bhanu priya
English Trainer and Teacher

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