A Review of the New Testament Survey

The New Testament contains 27 books.

The term new testament really means:

The New Testament is made up of twenty-seven books. Four of these books record the life and ministry of Jesus. What are the 4 books?

What are the epistles?

There was a 400 year period of prophetic silence between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Herodian rulers in the Bible included?

During the Graeco-Roman Pantheon time, there was seen many gods and goddess of Rome; example Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Comparing the Four Gospels Christ was seen as A King in the book of Matthew, a servant in the book of Mark, a Man in the book of Luke and God in the book of John.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are commonly referred to as the "synoptic gospels".

Some of the area's that Jesus ministered included:

Matthew who was also called Levi was a tax collector.

The Book of Matthew was written to the Jews to demonstrate that Jesus of Nazareth is the King of the Jews.

In the Book of Matthew, Matthew records how many of Jesus' miracles?

Mark was known by 2 names, what were they?

The purpose of the book of Mark was to give the Romans a view of Jesus Christ that would fit their way of thinking. He presented the Savior, the Son of God, in such a way that he people would be won to Him.

In the book of Mark Jesus was presented as the "Servant of the Lord," a theme found in the New Testament prophets.

93% of Mark's material is found in the other gospels.

Luke was a physician.

Luke was one of the 12 disciples.

The purpose of the book of Luke was to give historically accurate and chronologically correct account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

There were how many unique miracles are found only in the book of Luke?

Luke tells the story of the 2 disciples who met the resurrected Chirst on the Sunday evening of the day of the resurrection.

The purpose of the book of John was to evangelize. John presents evidence so that the people might come to the point where they believe in Jesus Christ.

In the book of John, Jesus had a ministry of instruction to the disciples starting with Chapter 13:1

The book of John includes the 11 known resurrection appearances of Christ.

The book of Acts is our primary source of information on what took place during the first 30 years of the church's existence.

The book of Acts ends with the apostle Paul's imprisonment in Rome.

The theme of Acts reveals the Great Commission given to Christians, in the book of Acts Chapter 1:12

When the day of Pentecost came, all the people who were all together in the upper room were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Acts is a book that records a transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant.

The purpose of tongues is explained by Apostle Paul in several places in the New Testament.

The temple was used bythe apostles as a place of teaching and evangalism, following the Lord Jesus.

In the story of Anaias and Sapphira, they immediately paid for their sin with their lives.

The death of Stephen (book of Acts) was the beginning of a great general persecution of the church.

How many missionary journey's are mentioned in the New Testament that Paul took?

Paul's Latin name is Paul and Saul was his Hebrew name.

Where did Paul's conversion take place?

Galatians was written by Apostle Paul around late 48 A.D.

Apostle Paul talks about the fruits of the spirit in what book in the bible?

Paul was forced to leave Thessalonica, he sent Timothy back to Thessalonica to minister to observe the situation.

In 2 Thessalonians, did Paul find it necessary to talk about the disciple of problem believers?

Sanctification means to.....

The city of corith was a prosperous but corrupt city.

A large portion of the people in the city of Corinth worshipped the goddess Aphrodite.

Did the church at this time 1 Corinthians was written, know of the immorality that existed in the church, yet tolerate it.

Romans was written on which of Paul's missionary journey's?

In the book of Romans, does Apostle Paul point out that Christians can be slaves to sin or slaves to righteousness? Which chapter?

What is the basic theme of Epesians?

Who wrote the book of Colossians?

The letter to Philemon was for what purpose?

When Paul wrote to the Philippians, he was just released from prison.

Timothy had a Greek father and a Jewish mother, who instructed him in the Scriptures.

The letter to Titus spoke of one of the major responsibilities of leadership, to guard the flock from those who would hurt it with false teaching.

The purpose of James was written to those believers whose lives did match up with their profession of faith in Christ.

In the book of Hebrews there are 5 passages that give serious warnings about turning away from the truth regarding Jesus and the New Covenant.

Peter was martyred by Nero around 67 A.D.

Jude identifies himself as the brother of James, who is also the half brother of Jesus.

The theme of 1 John is.....

Revelation was written by...

Revelations was written to unite and complete the prophetic truth of the Bible.


A quiz to test your knowledge concerning the New Testament. Starting from the book of Matthew thru the book of Revelation.
This quiz is based on historical facts from studies done on the bible. Based from the book- Survey of the New Testament by Paul Benware.

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