check your grammar-1 Online Test

1. None of the boys ________ done the work.

2. Each boy and each girl ________ present there.

3. Every child, man, woman _________ killed in the war

4. Neither Jim nor his friends __________ come yet.

5. Many a student _________ passed the exam

6. The wages of sin ______ death.

7. His means of income _________ a lot.

8. It is I who ___________ helping you today

9. Not only I but also my friends __________ going on a picnic

10. More than one __________ found guilty.

11. I as well as he ____________ ignorant of this fact

12. The captain with his soldiers __________ ready for the war

13. Nothing but trees _________ seen everywhere.

14. The committee ___________ divided on their opinions .

15. You and I _________ good friends.


This test is based on the subject-verb concord which covers enough scope of marks in competitive exams This simple test has been created for those learners who want to fight exams like Bank PO, CAT & other exams with a general English paper. sometimes we really get confused while dealing allocating the correct verb with a particular subject. so let's check out how good you are at this part of English Competence.



PLZ explain 4th Neither Jim nor his friends----come yet. Ans should be has cause of que is abt jim(a single person) so. in 12th one the captain with his soldiers where the ans is. why in 12th we consider singular and in 4 th one we consider plural.

2581 days 11 hours 19 minutes ago


very nice test

2581 days 11 hours 32 minutes ago

Sharada N

hoe i can learn english grammar here

3922 days 8 hours 36 minutes ago


mam 13th one. plz

3972 days 7 hours 10 minutes ago


nice test......

3972 days 8 hours 21 minutes ago


we do silly mistakes, i accept, thanks for making us learn

3976 days 9 hours 30 minutes ago


explain 11th pls

3978 days 6 hours 9 minutes ago

Milton Christian

The test is really good, I also learn from my mistakes. Thank you.

3979 days 4 hours 1 minutes ago

Pradeep gupta

plz tell me
how cn i learn here online

3981 days 4 hours 38 minutes ago

Pradeep gupta

How i can learn english grammer here ?

3981 days 4 hours 47 minutes ago

Bhanu priya
English Trainer and Teacher

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