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This is a multiple choice based questions,select the correct answer..

Q1 .What is data?

Q 2. What is information ?

Q 3. What is Multi media?

Q4 . The basic parts of computer are ..

Q5 :If Total marks <200 then say "Fail". Which operation is needed?

Q6. Alice has 50 berries. She ate 17 berries. Find how many berries is she left with? Whic operation is needed?

Q7 Who is the Father of computers?

Q8 What is the measuring memory ?

Q9 What is a progam?

Q10. What is an operating system?

Q11: Whick key is the following {[ * & ^ % $ @ ! + etc.

Q 11 Which key is the following : ; " ' , ? etc.

Q 12 CPU is made of three parts .-They are

Q13. ROM and RAM are called ?

Q14 . CD's and floppy disks are ?

Q15 Track ball is a >>



Why computer is called a smart machine?

16 days 16 hours 46 minutes ago


your question about measuring memory has 2 answers
Bit and Byte
Byte is given as wrong answer

486 days 21 hours 31 minutes ago

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