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Q15 Track ball is a >>

Q14 . CD's and floppy disks are ?

Q13. ROM and RAM are called ?

Q 12 CPU is made of three parts .-They are

Q 11 Which key is the following : ; " ' , ? etc.

Q11: Whick key is the following {[ * & ^ % $ @ ! + etc.

Q10. What is an operating system?

Q9 What is a progam?

Q8 What is the measuring memory ?

Q7 Who is the Father of computers?

Q6. Alice has 50 berries. She ate 17 berries. Find how many berries is she left with? Whic operation is needed?

Q5 :If Total marks <200 then say "Fail". Which operation is needed?

Q4 . The basic parts of computer are ..

Q 3. What is Multi media?

Q 2. What is information ?

This is a multiple choice based questions,select the correct answer..

Q1 .What is data?



Why computer is called a smart machine?

2318 days 11 hours 54 minutes ago


your question about measuring memory has 2 answers
Bit and Byte
Byte is given as wrong answer

2788 days 16 hours 39 minutes ago

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