WILD LIFE. Online Test

Which is the animal that has large eyes to enable them see in dim light?

In Cockroaches detection of odours is done by

The animal that can live upside down and can rotate the heads to 270 degrees is

Whick snake of Australia has fangs of about 1 cm long?

The extreme pain caused by Ants, when bitten is due to the injection of

The largest Bat is the

The largest cat in the world is

Which bird sings beautiful songs while flying vertically up in the air?

Sharks belongs to

The national bird of USA is

The smallest of the biggest cats, which can run at a speed of 70-80 miles/hr is

Gorilla shares about ______ of our genes.


Let us learn something about the wildlife of the world, the special characters of animals and the behavior of them in this quiz. f f

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