Professional Office Application Online Test

Computer is a

Which one is System Software?

What is the sortcut key to shut down system?

Which one is the extention of Word doccument?

Which one is output device?

Which one is system software?

Which one is input device?

Which one is package software?

What is the full Name of XP?

Which one is Hardware?

Which shortcut command to Cut ?

Which one is Spread Sheet program?

Which one is Primary memory?

Which is the command to open a new document in MS Word ?

Which command is to increase Font size?

Which command is to cut and paste?

Choose the correct size of A4 page?

What is the command to save File?

Where do you find Page Setup?

Choose the correct command to insert Table.

What is the full meaning of MPG?

Which one is used to write (a+b)2?

What is the full meaning of WWW?

Which one is logical function in MS Excel?

What is Computer Virus?

What is header?

Which short command is to print?

Choose browsing softwares from below

Information Technology can give us a happier life

What is the full meaning of E-Mail?

Where and what do you write to access into gmail?

How do you format cell?

Where do you find formula of a cell?

'DIGITAL SYSTEM' means....

Text Box is used to..

When you go to write a logical formula 'IF', which one appear in the formula tip?

How many work sheet open with a new blank excel work book?

How do you add new slide into a microsoft power point presentation?

Which command is used to save an existing documents with an other name?

Why do you want to learn this course?

How many function keys are on the keyboard?

Which command is to rename a file or folder in your computer?

'Internet' means....

As an user of Information Technology Bangladesh is......

To use the Information Technology properly everyone should to learn about Computer Technology.

What does mean by PC?

Now computer education is necessary for every Nation.

Bangladesh Government has forbidden to learn Computer education.

Internet is like as an another World in the World.

Which oparating system do you use?



kindly make the a test on OSI refernece model........ thx

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very informative for the beginners

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my name is zeeshan and i am student of my contact number is 03412873531

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Jyotirmoy De

Very good test for the beginners.

4071 days 20 hours 13 minutes ago

Asima Abbasi

its very east test

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this test is best for getting to basic knowledge of computer

4076 days 8 hours 31 minutes ago

Manjeet Singh


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Sabina Akter

i have finished completly

4079 days 7 hours 39 minutes ago

Makbul Hosain
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