Writing simple sentences in English (2) Online Test

My brother is the king of pop.

The subject of this sentence is ___

She is interested in hiking.

"Hiking" is an activity related with ___

Tell me the name of the theater!

This sentence is not a sentence fragment, because it was written in imperative form.

In the imperative form, the subject of the sentence is usually not stated. The subject of this sentence is ___

It is the time to do your laundry, Andy!

The subject of this sentence is ___

Someone had broken my locker lock.

The verb of this sentence is ___

Marty wrote many books of the growing up stories.

Who is Marty?

The girls screamed at me.

Who are the girls?

Mother prepares tuna sandwich for our dinner.

The object of this sentence is ___

When the telephone rang, I was in the kitchen.

There are two clauses in this sentence. The first clause is "when the telephone rang", and the second clause is "I was in the kitchen". The verb of the first clause is ___

The author of this book is Lauren Philips.

The main subject of this sentence is ___

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You can use this test to learn about the "subject", the "verb", and the "object" of a sentence. You are highly recommended to learn about this lesson before you move forward for doing the test. Feedback and comment are welcome for this test. Please post your concerns and questions on the comment box. Thank you for your participation.

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