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1. Which of the following is not a conductor?

2. If two charged bodies of +2q, -5q are brought in contact, total charge of the system is

3. The unit of electric potential is

4. A toaster operating at 240V has a resistance of 120 ohm. The power is

5. When n resistors of equal resistance (R) are connected in series, the effictive resistance is

6. The electric current is an external circuit flows from the

Which of the following devices does not allow d.c. to pass through?

An AC generator converts ........... into electric energy

Trains use

The physical properties of electromagnetic waves are determined by their

________ are used for treatment of cancer

The function of fertilization memberane is

If the wavelength of light is reduced to one half of its initial value then the amount of scattering is

In an X-Ray tube the intensity of emmitted X - ray beam is increased by

LASER is used in Brain and Eye surgery because

The principle used in Hydrogen bomb is

GM counter is used to measure the _____________ of the radioactive radiation.

Neutrons are constituent of all nuclei except

The device which converts AC to DC is called

The gate which has one input and one output is

Among the following elements which has heigher Electron Affinity value

The percentage of gold in 18 carat gold is

Silver amalgam is employed in

Which of the lanthanide is radioactive

In the nuclear reaction U238 ----> Pb 206 , the number of alpha and beta particles emitted are

92 82

Radiation which has the least penetration power is

Iodine 131 has half life period of 8 days, 20mCi of cample containing Iodine 131 is reduced to 5 mCi in

Pure Silicon and Germanium are

When a liquid boils there is

What is the condition for contact process

What type of colloid is smoke

Metals conduct electric current due to the movement of

Energy changes taking place during electroplating process is

I dentify the chiral molecule among the following

Which one is optically inactive amino acid

What will be the product when grignard reagent reacts with ketone followed by hydrolysis?

When diethy ether is exposed to air the product formed is

Formaldehyde polymerises to give

Which one of the following is used to remove stains of iron from cloths

Identify antispasmodic among the following


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I am proud to inform you that MCI has introduced new courses based on Allied Health Sciences. All these are B.Sc. courses. JIPMER one of the prestigious institution has started to select the candidates for this course through entrance exams. These are calle JIPBSc. exams. This modal will be helpful for you to crack those exams.


Joshna John

Sir, In question number 33. The answer is electrical to chemical right?. Please help..

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the resistance question...isnt the answer nr since its connected in series?

2598 days 21 hours 26 minutes ago

Manish Panigrahi


2620 days 10 hours 19 minutes ago


sir I have a doubt in Q.4 I am getting 480 as the Ans can u pls explain me?

2965 days 7 hours 39 minutes ago


comment u id here k

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Mary if u lyk to attend free training classes u can attend give me ur id i vl add u as a student... Because this is a private class u cannot subscribe

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