Mechanical Engineering - Exciting Match the following test

Match the following

A. Crtical Point

1. All the three phases solid, liquid and vapour coexists in equilibrium

B. Sublimation

2. Phase change from solid to liquid

C. Triple Point

3. Properties of saturated liquid and saturated vapor are identical

D. Melting

4. Heating process where solid gets directly transformed in to gas.


A. Throttling Process

1. No work done

B. Isentropic Process

2. No change in entropy

C. Free expansion

3. Constant internal energy

D. Isothermal process

4. Constant enthalpy

A. Fouriers Law

B. Stefan Boltzman law

C. Newton's law of cooling

D. Ficks law

1. Mass transfer

2. Conduction

3. Convection

4. Radiation

A. Grashof number

B. Stanton Number

C. Sherwood number

D. Fourier number

1. Mass transfer

2. Unsteady state heat conduction

3. Free convection

4. Forced convection

Match the electrical

property along with its thermal equivalent

A . Voltage

B. Current

C. Resistance

D. Capacitance

1. Thermal resistance

2. Thermal capacity

3. Heat flow

4. Temperature

A .Lubrication

B. Rise of water in trees

C. Formation of droplets

D. Cavitation

1. Capillary action

2. Vapour pressure

3. Viscosity

4. Surface tension


Hi guys,

I think attending multiple choice questions is boring sometimes.

For a change let us go for match the following test.
All questions are taken from various IES question papers.

Hope you find it as useful one. Please comment on this test or mail me



good quizzzz

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answer matched in this are not correct

3289 days 16 hours 10 minutes ago

sridhar malla

would like to thank sundarasubramnian sir for conducting these tests i wish him to continue

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very good and different quiz

3369 days 11 hours 57 minutes ago

Sundarasubramanian N
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