The C language lovers !!! Calculate your love through this test...

What is the default initial value of an automatic storage class?

What is the default return value of functions in C language?


This test is designed for people who

i- think they are good in C language
ii- love C language
iii- hate C language
iv- take C language for granted
v- study C language just to pass some examination

In short, this test is for everybody. Try it out and see how you do...


Chetan Raikwar

Hey, I got 8 :)

2399 days 4 minutes ago

mohanapriya c

hi sam... nice description man.. i got 7 score... 1st ques is right da.. if it is int, then u r right. but its a long which can store 2147483648 width right.. so 90000 is certainly possible i reckon... what u say.????

3313 days 8 hours 57 minutes ago

Tanjil Ahsan

How does the following code print "Hello"

float a=0.7;
if(a<0.7) printf("Hello");
else printf("Bye");

3315 days 5 hours 19 minutes ago


Dude the value of long i =300*300 ;
is 90000, I executed it on my gcc 4.3.2 compiler on 32 bit machine!!

3319 days 35 minutes ago


i like c,cpp,java language

3322 days 10 hours 12 minutes ago

Sam S
C, C++, Java addict...
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