Mechanical Engineering - GATE standard quiz 6 Online Test

What is the number of jaws in a self centering chuck?

which one of the following materials can be subjected to an age hardening process?

which one of the following process is high energy rate forming process?

which one of the following defects is 'schottky defect'?

consider the following

1. Tool life 2. Cutting forces 3. surface finish

which of the above is/are machinability criterion/criteria ?

In vapor compression refrigeration system at entrance to which component the working fluid is superheated vapor?

Three engines A,B,and C are operating on Carnot cycle with Argon, Oxygen and Air as medium, which engine will have maximum efficiency?

In a psychometric chart what does a vertical downward line represent?

which tern is used to designate the direction of predominant surface pattern produced by machining operation?

Which of the following alloy has the least possible coefficient of expansion?


This is the sixth quiz in the series of GATE standard questions you will be attending in the days to come. Every quiz will have only 10 questions with 5 minutes as standard time. All areas of mechanical engineering will feature in these questions. All the best!!! please send your clarifications to



• Jika terkena udara basah akan terbentuk karat (Fe2O3. nH2O).
Reaksi pembentukan karat, yaitu
• Bereaksi dengan uap air panas.

Jika timbul H2 maka selalu terbentuk senyawaan fero.

1434 days 4 hours 58 minutes ago


Fe + uap air panas (stoom) akan menghasilkan H2 (pembuatan H2 secara teknik).
Reaksi :
• Bereaksi dengan semua asam.
Reaksi :

1434 days 5 hours 2 minutes ago


This test questions are standard one, and covers wide area....
simply superb

1706 days 21 hours 59 minutes ago

Tushar Sharma

My score doesnt show up only correct and incorrect are shownn

1790 days 4 hours 19 minutes ago

Alok Prasad Gupta

Thanx a lot..

2374 days 1 hours 9 minutes ago


9 on 10

2402 days 6 hours 17 minutes ago


10 on 10

3230 days 18 minutes ago


hello sir,
test was superb and it us useful to realize one's actual technical ability.
sure, i will continue and will improve my knowledge.

3345 days 20 hours 40 minutes ago

Sundarasubramanian N
Lean Manufacturing Consultant & Trainer

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