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1, His remark was so provocative, I could not give _________ or resist the temptation?

2. I wanted to say what I felt but I could not turn _______ to face them again.

3, The gang moved so fast I could not back _______ .

4, I did not give _________ what was in my possession.

5. This time out of fear I had to run _________ .

6, I decided today I would just hang ________ .

7. The beer was warm and made me throw _______ .

8, He was finished of being let ________ .

9. When they grabbed my shoulder I quickly turned _________ .

10, They did not give me the chance to move _________ .

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This is a multiple choice test that asks you to supply the transitive verb ending. This ending will be either: back, up, down, in, out, away, off and on. The subject of this test will be questions that relate to fear and flight. The test asks you to use parts of speech to answer questions based on your knowledge of verb phrases.


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