C-Progamming {File,Linklist,Command line argument} Online Test

Assume Two Class {Class A,Class B}

Create the Class B's Object

Now Question is How to Call A's Constructor Without Creating Object of A?

How to find Binary Without Using This things:{UDF,%,Suming of Numbers}?

Determine the following code Work?

void p() // Function Body


q->next=(struct NODE *)malloc(sizeof(struct NODE));

printf("\n Enter Number");





Two Element of Command line Argument{CMD}

How to declare Link list and Memory allocate with malloc In C Language?

Wich Following option We Check The Last Node of Linklist is NULL?

HINT:::"In While loop ";

How to allocate Block of memory With malloc Function?

How to Store Number in File?

Statck Also Know As

How to Display Number or Character as Password Form As Website?

only One value print as '*'


Friends Lets Move On to the Next And More Challenging work In C-programming,
This Content Related With My Hand Maid Project “Phone Book” In C programming And Command line argument,linklist
So all topic will Help You To Develop Small But Properly Work Projects Through Your own Knowledge .

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