Mock Test - Bank Promotion Exam

In respect of retail trade in priority sector classification for essential commodities through fair price shops, the maximum loan can be:

A large company is sanctioned credit facilities under consortium and the banks want to take action under SARFAESI Act:

Primary liability on a usance bill of exchange is that of the:

The visits by a resident Indian to which of the following countries are not eligible for obtaining foreign exchange:

A person has returned from a tour abroad and has some unspent forex with him. What is the maximum amount he can retain with himself:

What is the amount of term deposit that can be paid on maturity in cash :

What is the cut-off point amount of a cash transaction, under KYC that requires to be reported:

The balance sheet of a firm has shown total assets of Rs.20 lac. The long term uses are Rs.11 lac and current ratio 1.5:1. What is the amount of current liabilities:

Banking Codes and Standards Board of India is related to:

There is a joint saving bank account and joint locker in the name of A and B. They nominated X in both these accounts. B has died.

Stamp duty payment on which of the following types of bills of exchange is not exempted:

Banks deduct subscription payable to Bank Employee Unions under which of the following?

How much amount of a letter of credit of Rs.20 lac, issued by a bank, will be taken into account for calculation of exposure, for the purpose of group exposure ceiling:

An exporter customer of National Bank gets a letter of credit issued by a bank in Dubai against export of garments. The documents under this letter of credit can be negotiated by the exporter with State Bank only as per an instruction printed in red ink. Such letter of credit is classified as:

Which of the following is correct formulae for calculation of debt service coverage ratio:


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Mock Test



I enroolled your 15 day course but 4-5 days did not know how to start then election rehersal and duty
can u help anyway . today election process/duty is over but your time is also over .
My login id was 10619 canyou permit two day i.e Friday and saturday more or any other alternative

1139 days 2 hours 25 minutes ago

Rechel Purti

i have to appear in promotion test from sc IV to SC V (pnb) guide me /provide me study materials

2287 days 1 hours 38 minutes ago


Ques no 6 Balance amount of SB will be paid to A and legal heirs of B & contents of locker to A and X

2335 days 11 hours 33 minutes ago


Mock test improves the idea to appear for on-line test.

3926 days 49 minutes ago


Mock test improves the idea to appear for on-line test.

3926 days 49 minutes ago


it is very useful in banking working people

3930 days 3 hours 28 minutes ago

g v b murthy

excellent test and very useful for promotions

3936 days 5 hours 4 minutes ago


There is an error in the reported correct answer for Q. No. 6 of '15 question mock test'. The answer should be "balance in SB account will be paid to A and Legal heirs of B (not A) and locker contents will be given to A and X".
Also, please clarify whether the answer given for Q.No. 9 is correct or not. It should be 10 lacs and above.

3950 days 2 hours 14 minutes ago

Ravi Ranjan

Dear sir please also add questions regarding promotion in RRBs

3985 days 2 hours 41 minutes ago


i am working in one RRB and hence do not much aware of many of the banking operations because we are not doing so many other banking deals like merchant,foreign.L/C etc.any how the test was interesting.thank u

3989 days 2 hours 58 minutes ago

N S Toor
He teaches banking to bankers and non-bankers
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