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I'm afraid of____.

Can you pass _____ ,please?

______ are good for you.

_____ live longer than ______

I do not drink ____.I do not like it.

we had a very nice meal.______ were especially good.

______ is strange sometimes.Some very strange things happen.

I like______ but I'am not very good at it.

Look at______ on that tree. they are very big.

Who are _______ in this photograph?

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Choose the correct form, with or without the.This test is a part of my English Grammar Course. for detail about my course contact. singh_arveen@yahoo.com_______________________________


jazlynn stone

i thought this test was easy except i had gotten confused on one of the questions , anyone who wants to take this test read the questions carefull they might trick you !!!

4069 days 12 hours 27 minutes ago


Question 4 is not well created.

4075 days 20 hours 26 minutes ago

Arveen Singh
Experienced English teacher for Intermediate
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