Prenatal Clinic Visit Online Test

1. After greeting the woman and taking her coat, the midwife will first offer to_______________________.

The estimated due date is calculated by inquiring about ________________________.

The fundal height is a measurement from the top of the symphisis pubis to the top of the __________________

The lower number of the blood pressure is called the _________________________

Protein in the urine plus elevated blood pressure are signs of ________________

The health of the baby is mainly influenced by how many prenatal clinic visits the woman has. True/False

When a woman has a larger than average upper arm, a larger blood pressure cuff will give a more accurate reading than a regular cuff. True or false

When taking a blood pressue, the client's arm should be straight and at the level of her heart. True or false

Two "safe" places to contact the pregnant woman before palpating the pregnant belly are: ____________________

3 questions to ask at every prenatal visit are: Have you had any headaches, blurred vision, or swelling? True or false


Midwifery students: test your knowledge of a well woman clinic visit by taking this test. Step by step through greeting the pregnant woman to making the next appointment, you'll review a midwife's plan of action to give the best care possible. Teacher Gloria Lemay.


Cheryl Green

Hi I am interested in becoming Midwife, I did well on this exam.

2228 days 8 hours 46 minutes ago

Rhie Lorenz Autumnberry

well, I did pretty well, considering number 6 is wrong! It asks True or false, the health of the baby is mainly influenced by how many prenatal clinic visits the woman has. The quiz says this is true. I say that is arrogant! A women can have a very healthy pregnancy/baby with out a single prenatal, or have a very UNhealthy pregnancy/baby

4090 days 4 hours 10 minutes ago

Gloria Lemay
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