TOEIC Preparation - Practice using prepositions 2 Online Test

Your new job will require that you travel all (A) over the world (B) with business, and you will have to work (C) with some difficult people (D) in some boring places.

The seminar, which will be held (A) from nine o'clock and midday (B) in Lincoln Conference Hall, will be presented (C) by Adam Klaus, and expert (D) on recent IT trends.

Following a series of advertisements (A) in the local newspaper, over one hundred people applied (B) on the position of Exports Coordinator, and the manager set himself to the task of personally replying (C) to everyone (D) by the end of the week.

We're meeting (A) with a very important client (B) in half an hour, so I'm afraid I'm (C) over a lot of pressure (D) at the moment.

The office is open (A) from Monday (B) through Friday (C) from 8:00 a.m. (D) to 5:00 p.m., but it is closed (D) at Wednesday afternoons.

The report is due (A) on Monday morning, but it doesn't have to be presented (B) to the board of directors (C) by Wednesday afternoon, when they arrive (D) for the annual meeting.

The flight doesn't arrive (A) in Los Angeles (B) until midnight, so once passengers have collected their luggage (C) from reclaim and gone (D) up customs and immigration, public transportation will have stopped running for the night.

He complimented me (A) on my hard work, thanked me (B) for help I had given him, wrote his e-mail address (C) at the back of my business card, and asked me (D) to contact him when I got home.

Most workers go (A) with the bus or subway (B) from the suburbs (C) to the city center, but sometimes it's quicker to go (D) on foot.

The chairman sat (A) between the manager and the union leader and did his best to answer questions (B) from the workers, although there were several angry employees (C) among them who did their best to prevent him (D) for speaking.

The airline apologized (A) for the extended delay, told the passengers they were grateful (B) about their patience, and offered (C) to return part of their fare or give them a discount (D) on their next flight.

The city is famous (A) for its beautiful architecture, is rich (B) in history and culture, and has a population who are justifiably proud (C) for their heritage and who always offer a warm welcome (D) to visitors.

If guests are not satified (A) with the service they receive any time (B) during their stay, they should speak (C) to a customer advisor, or alternatively discuss their problems (D) at the duty manager.

International travelers often suffer (A) from minor stomach upsets when they are (B) on vacation, but it is usually the result of a sudden change (C) for their diet rather than poor standards of hygiene (D) in the kitchen.

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Using prepositions in English can often be confusing. This test will give you practice to learn how prepositions are used in writing and speaking in English. Pay close attention to the words that come before and after each preposition. In many cases, some words are always followed by only one preposition; these are learned best by communicating in English with native speakers.


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