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How is "to sing" used in the following sentence?

To sing has always been her dream.

What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence?

She wanted to go to the store, but it was closed.

What part of speech is "the" in the following sentence?

The way out of the cave is to the left.

What is the coordinating conjunction in the following sentence?

Sally wanted to attend the concert, but her mother said she was too young.

Identify the gerund in the following sentence.

She drove around the parking lot as she tried to find a space to park.

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Identify incorrect grammar usage. How good are you? So many people choose to speak in common slang. It translates into their writing and will often give the impression of the writer being illiterate. Do you actually use grammar correctly? Try your luck!


Shrikantayya M Yavagalmath

Please teach grammar

2602 days 3 hours 38 minutes ago

Cindy Murphy

Hi. I am glad you liked it. Gerunds are sometimes difficult to identify. They end with ing and modify (point to) nouns.

Example: I like to go swimming. Here, swimming is a verb.
If I use it this way-"She wanted to jump into the community's swimming pool." Then swimming is used correctly as a gerund as it modify's pool.

Hope this helps.See more

4006 days 52 minutes ago

ishan mohan

brilliant test. also, what is a gerund??

4006 days 3 hours 50 minutes ago

Cindy Murphy
English Teacher
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