inflammation of the lining of uterus

Mamm/o, mast/o are both root words meaning breast.

viewing the interior of the vagina is called _______________________.

When women have painful menstrual periods, the medical term is __________________.

An oophorectomy is surgical removal of the ___________________.

When a person has a fever, they are _____________.

A person who does not have a fever is called __________________.

A white cell is called a _______________________

Inflammation of the liver is ____________________.

A condition of having excess amniotic fluid is ______________________.

Hypertension is a term for ____________________.

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Using precise and accurate words to communicate medical information is the goal of medical terminology. Review the women's health terms that we have used in your Midwifery 101 course. This test will just take a few minutes to complete. Instructor Gloria Lemay teaching on WizIq from Vancouver BC Canada.


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Crystal Williams

I missed one the one about the swelling inside the uterus.

139 days 12 hours 12 minutes ago

Jessica Roberson

darn it! I got one wrong because I thought it was a different word that it was!

1799 days 13 hours 16 minutes ago

Gloria Lemay
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