Mechanical Engineering - Terms and Definition test

measure of the total energy of a thermodynamic system is called

mechanical stress defined for rotationally-symmetric objects being the result of forces acting circumferentially is called

The property of a material to deform permanently or to exhibit plasticity, elongation or bending or twisting without rupture (breaking or cracking) while under tension

Reduction in the normal ductility of a metal due to a physical or chemical change

Milling process in which the work is fed in the same direction as the path of the teeth on the cutter, below the arbor.

Process in which metal (often heated) is caused to flow through a restricted orifice by using an extremely high force, so creating an extremely elongated strip of uniform, but comparatively small cross-section

An automatic switch, the opening and closing of which is actuated by change of temperature is known as

The product of the mass and velocity of a body

A joint between two members aligned approximately in the same plane is called

Slow plastic deformation in steel and most structural metals caused by prolonged stress under the yield point at elevated temperatures is called


In this test, you need answer questions on important terms definitions in mechanical engineering. This is only a starting point in our journey towards understanding mechanical engineering. I will try to cover most of the topics you need for competitive exams.


Sanjeev Gautam

what is the principle of Plane??? I could not understand plane principle,just like 2 thinks are in one plane and 1 in other plane. How could be identified that which one is lying in which plane???? if any one clarified, plz do needful..

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Aejaz Aslam


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Vanshaj Chopra

nice one i got 9 on 10

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Rakesh Sharma

AWESOME yar i got 10 on 10.

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Arun Amuthan

its so useful

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for preparation of exams it is very good

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good conceptual Questions ....really i liked it

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Jeegnesh Patel

its good idea to challenge my self......... thanks sir........

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Sundarasubramanian N
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