Anemia and Blood Work Online Test

Ferritin levels are an indicator of iron stores. True or false

In developing countries, many anemias occur due to_______________.

Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. true or false

Spooning of the fingernails is a sign of severe anemia. true or false

“Pica” is a craving for non food items like dirt, gasoline, or styrofoam . true or false

Blood volume in pregnancy increases by ______ percent 10 40 75

Ferrous fumerate and ferrous gluconate are iron supplements from food sources. True or false

Caffeine drinks interfere with the absorption of iron. true or false

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This short test will review the class "Anemia and Blood Work" which is part of a 20 class series taught by Gloria Lemay. Designed for student midwives, the test can be completed in under 10 minutes.
Anemia of pregnancy can be a serious condition but it is generally over diagnosed in N. America because of reliance on obsolete measures of normal for pregnant women.

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