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Three capacitors connected in series have an effective capacitance of 2F. If one

of the capacitors is removed, the effective capacitance becomes 3F. The

capacitance of the capacitor that is removed is

A parallel plate capacitor is made by stacking 10 identical metallic plates equally

spaced from one another and having the same dielectric between plates. The

alternate plates are then connected. If the capacitor formed by two neighbouring

plates has a capacitance C, the total capacitance of the combination will be

A parallel plate capacitor of capacitance 100 pF is to be constructed by using

paper sheets of 1.0 mm thickness as dielectric. If the dielectric constant of paper is

4.0, the number of circular metal foils of diameter 2.0 cm each required for this

purpose is

The force with which the plates of a parallel plate capacitor, having charge Q and

area of each plate as A, attract each other is

Which material sheet should be placed between the plates of a parallel plate

capacitor in order to increased its capacitance?


The electrostatics is a branch of physics that deals with forces that are between stationary charges and also fields produced by those charges also. A Greek scholar Thales, discovered that when amber is rubbed with fur it attracts small pieces of paper, cork and straw. Another scientist named William Gilbert who observed that many other materials also exhibit same type of manner as amber. In Greek language, amber means 'electron'. Therefore, Gilbert named this effect as 'electric'. Benjimin Frank introduced the concept of two different kinds of charges. When glass rod is rubbed with silk cloth, the charge accumulated on the glass rod is positive, but the charge accumulated on the plastic rod when rubbed with fur is said to be negative. These are strongly suggested that electric charges are not created, but acquired only due to transfer from one body to another. Electrification is a process, using this, body gets charged.

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