Mechanical Engineering - GATE standard quiz 3 Online Test

Compression ratio for spark ignition engines varies between

A gas turbine works in _______________________________ cycle

Reverse Brayton cycle is used for

A governor is said to be ____________________ when for each speed with in working range, the ball weights occupy a definite specified position.

Spring stiffness is

Which of the following type of steel has the highest amount of cementite

The melting point of ferrous metals

Polyesters belong to the family of

Find the odd process out

which of the following process is the fastest gear manufacturing process for Internal gears


This is the third quiz in the series of GATE standard questions you will be attending in the days to come. Every quiz will have only 10 questions with 5 minutes as standard time. All areas of mechanical engineering will feature in these questions. All the best!!!



I think for Quiz No-3,Question No-4 has mentioned wrong answer,The correct answer is -None of the other

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