'a' or 'an'? Online Test

We went on ___ elephant ride when we were on holiday in Thailand.

Soutik Biswas is ____ BBC reporter.

The course ends with ___ two hour exam.

You should take ____ umbrella. It's going to rain later.

He broke his ankle and had to have ___ X-ray.

The have decided to go on ___ European tour for their honeymoon.

He has paid for ____ hour lesson.

This is such ___ useful book! It will really help me with my essay.

The Princess Beatrice wore ___ unusual hat to the wedding.

___ LBW from Baxter destroyed their chances of reaching the final.

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Choose the create indefinite article in these sentences. We use 'a' with words that start with a consonant sound and 'an' with words that start with a vowel sound. Be careful! Some words in English start with a vowel letter (aeiou) but the sound is a consonant e.g. 'one' starts with a /w/ sound and therefore we say 'a one-hour train journey'. Similarly some words start with a consonant letter but the sound is a vowel e.g. 'honorary' starts with /ɒ/, a vowel sound so we say 'an honorary member of the board'.


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