Mechanical Engineering - GATE standard quiz 2 Online Test

The velocity of a fluid particle in the centre of the pipe is

Compared to Brinnel Hardness test, Rockwell hardness testing

the maximum energy per unit volume that can be elastically stored is called

A coloumn that fails primarily due to direct compression stress is known as

the maximum value of static friction which occurs in case of impending motion

The entropy of the universe tends to be

which of the following fuel is a non petroleum fuel?

In case the thermal efficiency of an engine becomes 100%, it is said to be violating

Identify the type of key in the image

in a spur gear the radial distance from the pitch surface to the outermost point of the tooth is called


This is the second quiz in the series of GATE standard questions you will be attending in the days to come. Every quiz will have only 10 questions with 5 minutes as standard time. All areas of mechanical engineering will feature in these questions. All the best!!!



dan ketertahanan terhadap pengaruh luar (korosi, aus, bahan kimia, suhu tinggi dan sebagainya).
Besi teknis selalu tercampur dengan unsure-unsur lain misalnya karbon (C), silicon (Si), mangan (Mn), Fosfor (P), dan belerang (S). Unsur-unsur tersebut harus dalam kadar tertentu,

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natrium, dan barium.
Logam mulia : emas, perak, dan platina.

Logam tahan api : wolfram, molibden, titanium, dan zirkonium.
Dalam penggunaan serta pemakaiannya, logam pada umumnya tidak merupakan

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Going through these questions and then based on the questions ,studying the concepts will be helpful!

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