-ing or -ed Adjectives Online Test

The film was terrible! I found it really ___________.

I am so ________ about the exams, I'm finding it difficult to sleep.

The end of the book was really __________. I had no idea that would happen!

Jack was really __________. He didn't understand any of the questions.

My new teacher is really _________. He has lived all over the world and has so many stories to tell!

These telephone waiting systems are so _____________. They make me so angry!

Rebecca is very ________ about getting married. It's all she ever talks about!

That new number one song is really _________. I can't get it out of my head and the words are so stupid!

He must be so ________, working on the building site all day.

I was in a car accident on Sunday. It was so ___________!

Our holiday was so __________ but my first day back at work was so stressful I felt I needed another holiday!

In England, January and February are the most ________ months. The cold weather makes me feel really miserable.

I felt very ________ with the test results. They weren't perfect but I tried my best and did pretty well.

My father's dancing is so ___________. Whenever he gets up to dance I have to hide. It's terrible!

My sister was so ________ by the reports of the famine that she decided to run a marathon to raise money for charity.

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A very common mistake in English is the confusion of adjectives with a -ing or -ed ending. Is the test bored or is it boring? Are you bored or are you boring?! Many words have these adjective pairs and it is important to remember which one to use - you don't want to tell someone they are boring when actually you think they are bored!

We use -ing adjectives when we are talking about the 'thing' that is creating the feeling.
"Grammar is very boring according to David."
"Talent shows are really boring."

We use -ed adjectives when we talk about our own or someone else's feelings.
"David is very bored of grammar."
"I'm really bored of talent shows."


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