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In the summer I love to swim in the ______.

The ______ is cleaning the bedroom.

I can't believe he ________ the answer!

Do you remember Pete and Mary? We're going to _______ house for dinner on Saturday.

Room 17 is down the corridor and _____ the double doors on the left.

The ________ is so beautiful! The sun is shining but there is a nice cool breeze.

I can't believe he ______ the ball! What an amazing catch!

Do you want a _____ of cake or a doughnut?

She is going to ______ her little black dress to the party and those wonderful gold shoes.

The trousers fitted me in length but they were too big around the ________.

I can see you but I can't ______ you!

________ you like a cup of tea?

Smoking is not _______ in the school building.

I am so _______ of these homophones! I'm almost falling asleep.

This is the last question - _______ and simple.

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Homophones are words that sound exactly the same but the spelling and meaning are different. An example is write and right. They sound exactly the same but their spelling and meaning are very different. There are many homophones in English and learning them will not only help you spelling but also your pronunciation. A word like 'fort' (a castle or military building) seems a lot easier to pronounce than 'fought' (past form of fight) but the pronunciation is exactly the same. Fort & fought and right & write are homophones. See how many more you recognise!





Thanks!! But meaning of RP??? just curious..

2590 days 1 hours 16 minutes ago

siri sirisha


4104 days 6 hours 48 minutes ago



4106 days 2 hours 46 minutes ago

Angeles Trujillo

It can also be very useful for our students to let them discriminate words when reading song lyrics.

4114 days 18 hours 29 minutes ago

Farida Begum

Thanks I loved the test ,it's simp[le yet knowledgeable.

Farida Begum

4116 days 16 hours 58 minutes ago

Joanna Bowler

Thanks Leon - very good point. I am indeed working in an RP bubble! Are any of my homophone examples specifically British English or RP? I'm not sure - please comment.

4117 days 7 hours 54 minutes ago

Leon Wooldridge

I think that it's interesting to compare accents by looking through a list of homophones to find those which are homophones for one speaker but not another speaker. Eg: 'My aunt was bitten by an ant' or 'This sordid affair must be sorted out!' - These are homophones in parts of the USA but not for me in Canterbury. Here's a list to check : http://www.englisSee more

4117 days 8 hours 7 minutes ago

Joanna Bowler
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